Urban Innovation 
Challenge 2017

This competition aims to respond to the growing challenges of Malaysian urban areas with regards to mobility, waste and water.

The competition calls for solutions under the following scope areas:
  • Urban mobility, with a focus on real-time data and system integration, service delivery, first/last-mile connectivity and multi-modal connectivity. 
  • Urban waste reduction and management, especially looking at solutions for recovering, separating or extracting valuable components with minimal disruption to citizens for the following waste streams: household, industrial and commercial waste. 
  • Urban water management, specifically reducing non-revenue water and urban flooding. 
For Malaysian Project Leads and Partners Only

    All interested applicants should create a profile on Meeting Mojo and search for partners in the database specific to this challenge. When you find a potential partner, you can message them to determine whether you are a good match to apply as part of a consortium. Please use the following Meeting Mojo link:

    Details of competition also available via the following link: 

    The minimum composition of a consortium is one Malaysian Project Lead (MPL) and one UK Project Lead (UKPL). Both of the Project Lead’s institutions/organisations (the ‘Lead Organisations’) must have the capacity to administer the grant. There can only be two Leads (one each from Malaysia and the UK, country-specific eligibility criteria are listed below) but if it will add value to your consortium, you can invite Partners, from either Malaysia or the UK, to join your consortium. Inclusion of Partners is optional and there is no limit to the number of Partners, but please note that the Project Leads are responsible for the deliverables of the entire project. 

    After your consortium is formed, Malaysian Project Leads (MPL) are to download the forms here, complete and submit them. In order to submit your completed application form, please register here. After you have registered, you will be able to login and submit your completed application form with the relevant supporting documents by clicking here. Please ensure the Forms are completed as comprehensively as possible and that the relevant supporting documents are uploaded along with the completed and signed Form to ease the assessment process.


myr 10,000,000

Total funding pledged by PlaTCOM Ventures for Malaysian Project Leads of winning consortiums


gbp 3,000,000

Total funding pledged by Innovate UK for UK Project Leads of winning consortiums
PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd is the national technology commercialisation platform of Malaysia. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) formed in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia under one of its six High Impact Programmes (HIPs) in SME Master Plan 2012-2020.
Innovate UK is an executive non-departmental public body established by the UK Government in 2007, and sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The activities of Innovate UK are jointly supported and funded by BIS and other government departments, the devolved administrations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and research councils. 
The implementation of High Impact Programme 2 (HIP2) - Technology Commercialisation Platform (TCP) under one of the size High Impact Programmers of SME Masterplan 2012 - 2020 is a strategic partnership between SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp) and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM). PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd is the public-private partnership under which this programme is implemented.
The Newton Fund is a Ministerial-led, high profile programme managed by the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which aims to strengthen research and innovation partnerships between the UK and 16 emerging (knowledge) economies. £735 million will be spent by the UK through the Fund over a 7-year period (2014-2021), with matched funding/effort being provided by the partner countries. The Fund forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA), i.e. the UK’s support to developing and emerging economies for their socio-economic development 
Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) is a statutory body created to jump start wealth creation through knowledge, technology and innovation to stimulate and develop the innovation eco-system in Malaysia. We lay down the foundation of innovation that inspire and produce a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs.
SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) is a Central Coordinating Agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Malaysia that formulates overall policies and strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and coordinates the implementation of SME development programmes across all related Ministries and Agencies. It acts as the central point of reference for research and data dissemination on SMEs, as well as, provides advisory services for SMEs in Malaysia. 
MAY 2017
Competition open
SEP 2017
Competition close
JAN 2018
Winners Announcement
FEB 2018
Project Start
    A collaboration proposing an R&D project conducting industrial research that meets the following requirements is eligible to apply to this competition :
    • Projects must be collaborative, containing partners from both Malaysia and the UK.
    • Project duration should be up to 24 months.
    • Projects must build on existing research.
    • Projects must be innovative and market-driven, leading to the proposed development of a new product, service or process, leading ultimately to commercialisation.
    • Projects must articulate clear commercial goals and associated commercialisation strategies.
    • Projects must have identical start and end dates for both UK and Malaysian applicants (both funders reserve the right to withdraw the grant if these dates are not kept to).
    • SMEs that are majority Malaysian-owned (Malaysian shareholding of 51% or more), with a minimum paid-up capital of RM10,000
    • Other organisations, including research organisations, public sector departments or offices, etc, can only join projects as collaborators, consultants, subcontractors, etc.
    • Commitment to contribute and secure up to 40% of the total required funding of the project on the Malaysian side, and to provide proof
    • UK companies of any size, registered, based and operating in the UK.
    • Academic institutions, other research organisations, public sector bodies and charities undertaking research activity in the UK are also eligible to participate as per Innovate UK’s normal funding rules:
    • Applications must be led by a business on the UK side.
    • To be eligible for this competition, projects must be focused on industrial research. A full definition of this research category is available here: . Work packages that include elements of Experimental Development will be considered within projects that predominantly target Industrial Research.
    • UK project leads must collaborate with a Malaysian project lead to form a consortium to deliver the project.
    • There is no restriction on the maximum number of partners in the UK and in Malaysia, for each consortium.
    • Projects must articulate clear commercial goals and associated commercialisation strategies.
    • Proposals must demonstrate the joint UK-Malaysia consortium’s expertise and capacity to manage the proposed project in their respective countries, as well as the respective roles of each consortium member from both countries
    • Building on the principles of a true bilateral partnership, all projects should demonstrate equivalence in effort from the Malaysian and UK partners.
    • Successful project participants will be expected to demonstrate that all partners contributing to the project have agreed on IP Rights and the commercialisation plan as part of the final grant agreement process.  
    • Innovate UK and PlaTCOM will expect successful project participants to put in place a collaboration agreement amongst all project partners as part of the conditions of taking up the grant offer. This should include, among other matters, IP rights, applicable law and dispute resolution mechanisms.
Need more information? The FAQs below will sort them out for you.
  • Can I work with a partner for my submission ?
    Yes, the Project Leads can work with other parties to add value to the project and they will be referred to as ‘Partners’. There is no restriction on the maximum number of partners in the UK and in Malaysia, for each consortium. Partners can have roles including IP provider/licensor, consultant, developmental research partner, etc.
  • Can I use other submission formats ?
    For all submissions of Forms and supporting documents, we require you to do so via this online platform after you have registered, set up your Consortium via Meeting Mojo Platform and completed forms. If you have any special requests, which we are not obliged to agree with, you may write in to us by submitting the enquiry form below.
  • What is the minimum composition of a consortium ?
    The minimum composition of a CONSORTIUM is ONE Malaysian Project Lead (MPL) AND ONE UK Project Lead (UKPL). There can only be two Leads (one each from Malaysia and the UK, country-specific eligibility criteria are listed above) but if it will add value to your consortium, you can invite Partners, from either Malaysia or UK, to join your consortium. 

    It is optional and there is no limit, but kindly be informed that the Leads are responsible for the deliverables of the entire project. Partners can participate and join a Consortium with various roles including IP provider/licensor, consultant, developmental research partner, etc. PlaTCOM Ventures and Innovate UK will only be working directly with Malaysian Project Lead (MPL) and UK Project Lead (UKPL) respectively.
  • Can I submit more than one application ?
    You can, provided that each application is on a different innovation. You will need to register more than one and use a different email address for each submission. Similarly you will need to complete the application form along with the relevant supporting documents.
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